Prohibited Vaporizers - versatile, multi-use vaporizers for Buds and ConcentratesNot all e-cigarettes are created equally. Actually, at the moment you can find three different sizes of e-cigs in the market. Each one has its own pros and cons. In this guide, I will explain in detail each one so you can find the best option for you.

Sometimes when people are starting they many times think that they must get the biggest electronic vaporizer immediately. Probably, because they went to a forum and someone recommended to them, or they read an article on the Internet. But that is not always the best option. In this case, we are talking about Advanced Personal Vaporizer. These devices are the ones that offer the most performance and functionality compared to all others.
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But for someone who is just getting their feet wet, they are a complex system to handle, and not to mention, pricey! Actually, a more simple device might be exactly what you need to start. After a while when the time is right, you may want to upgrade to a more advanced device but by then you will have a better understanding.

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E-cigarettes have been around for quite sometime, at least its idea. The concept of a smokeless and healthier cigarette appeared back in 1963 by American Herbert A. Gilbert. His device produced warm flavored steam, however, it contained no nicotine.

They were smoked nearly everywhere, including inside of airplanes, school class rooms and certainly in bars and clubs. Besides, big tobacco companies weren’t interested in such a vapor device appearing in the market. It would give a bad reputation to their products, basically telling everyone what they sold was unhealthy.

The idea of Herbert was far too advanced for the time. In his mind he concluded that normal cigarettes were harmful due to the fact that they burned its content. When a substance is com-busted it produces new and more toxic chemicals that you breathe in. This is the reason why an average cigarette produces about 4 000 chemicals, while burning.

The modern e-cigarette

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The first devices worked based on an ultrasound system that vaporized the liquid. Today, the electronic cigarettes you’ll find no longer vaporize the e-liquid in the same way. Instead, you have a battery that supplies power to the coil heating it up and boiling the liquid inside the reservoir.

These devices are considered the first generation of e-cigarettes and they look similar to a normal cigarettes. However, they produce no smoke, nor tar since they don’t burn any tobacco. Instead, they vaporize an e-liquid containing nicotine, which you inhale. Therefore, you don’t have the same harmful effects from a cigarette.

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Prohibited Vaporizers - versatile, multi-use vaporizers for Buds and Concentrates

Hi This is Shea from Pure Cigs and today I have the Alien by Smok.

It is a 220 watt intelligent Temp Control Device, Also runs in variable wattage.

the Alien supports two 18650s batteries located in the bottom hatch, Slide them right in you are go to go.

Also supports Micro usb charging as well upgradable firmware.

Now the Alien supports a bright OLED screen which is Very easy to see in low and high light situations.

Here on the screen we have a plethora of information about your vaping experience.

Top left it displays the wattage for the variable mode and the temperature for the Temp control mode.

Moving left to right we have the dual battery display showing how charged yourbatteries are at any given time.

Under that the Alien show your workingvoltage, resistance, and current.

What mode you are in and the working temperatureas well as the ammount of puffs you have taken.

The build quality of the Alien is superb.

The body is made from a durable zinc alloyand the design is economical and fits wellin the hand.

The button quality is exceptional, Rather then a tiny button which can be difficult to find in certain situations.

The Alien features a button that nearly take up the entire side of the device.

The two buttons of the front of the deviceare raised and easly used to change the wattage.

The Alien sits about 85mm tall and 30mm wide, so you're able to fit most tanks and RDA's on the device without any overhang I personally consider the Alien Mod to be aexceptional device geared more towards vapors with intermediate to advance knowledge of vaping.


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As the dangers of cigarette smoking continue to pile up, many smokers are beginning to consider breaking this bad habit. Others, meanwhile, are looking at options that can take the place of regular smoking. One of these is the so-called e-cigarettes.

The term is actually a contraction for electronic cigarette which is also referred to at times as PV or personal vaporizer and ENDS or electronic nicotine delivery system. Briefly, an e-cig is a device invented by Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963. It runs on battery power and is known for effectively simulating or imitating conventional tobacco or cigarette smoking.

The e-cigarette that is being sold these days is available in a variety of models. A good number of these carry a combination of both nicotine alongside several flavorings. Still, others are said to contain vapors in various flavors but without the nicotine ingredient. In both models, however, an atomizer, a known heating element, is utilized to produce a solution initially in liquid form before this gets vaporized.

Additionally, many e-cigarettes have been designed in such a way that they actually resemble traditional smoking implements in physical appearance. Thus, at first glance, it can be a little difficult to distinguish which is the real thing.

The question of whether smoking electronic cigarettes is effective or not remains the subject of extensive debate. The WHO or World Health Organization has already released a statement on this issue. Essentially, the organization advises smokers to refrain from using e-cigarettes as an alternative to conventional smoking since its efficacy in helping stop smoking at an acceptable level has yet to be determined.

However, a review released in 2011 presented the conclusion that e-cig smoking can actually be an effective means of putting a stop to tobacco smoking. This is particularly true when compared to modern pharmacotherapy sessions for smokers which can last for several months.

The review maintained that the physical act of puffing at electronic cigarettes is found to be effective in satisfying short-term cravings for tobacco smoke. Meanwhile, the AAPHP or the American Association of Public Health Physicians recommended the use of either e-cigarettes or chewable tobaccos for those having difficulties breaking their smoking habits and find pharmaceutical methods too costly.

For its part, the BMA or the British Medical Association agreed that e-cig smoking may offer a few benefits when it comes to helping the cause of smoking cessation advocates. However, it expressed apprehensions that up to the present time, the use of electronic cigarettes remains largely unregulated. This makes them prone to abuse and can eventually pose problems in terms of safety. As it stands today, the BMA said extensive evidences as well as studies on the safety of this alternative type of smoking have yet to be presented.

There are many other aspects of e-cig smoking that are still being looked into. Thus, the controversy on whether electronic cigarettes can effectively replace regular smoking remains doubtful. Nevertheless, awareness about its existence continues to grow and offers hope for smokers who are seriously thinking of quitting their deadly smoking habit.

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