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If you want to quit smoking then check out Vapor E Cig in USA. E-cigarettes are safe to use and will greatly help you to slowly quit smoking. Some even look similar to other normal cigarettes. Other normal cigarettes contain tobacco which is produced by burning of cigarette and very dangerous for health. E-cigarettes do not use tobacco.

They generally contain vegetable glycerin or Propylene glycol, nicotine and different food flavors. It contains very small amount of nicotine which is not as dangerous for health as other normal cigarettes. It is especially beneficial for those who want to get away from this habit and want to live a healthy life for themselves and for their family.

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Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking knows how difficult that can be to achieve. Fortunately there are a number of options available today to help smokers either kick the habit or significantly cut down on tobacco use.

The e-cigarette that has an eGo battery and clearomizer included has become the standard for most intermediate vapers or even beginners, who are looking for something with more performance than a cigalike. Although, many experienced vapers still use them as a backup device, since they are more discreet and lightweight compared to a mod. For this reason, they are perfect for when go out to public places without having everyone looking at you in a odd way. Besides, they produce great flavoring and vapor compared to a cigalike.

Nearly all Vapor E Cig in USA models are manual, there are few that work automatically but they are rare. Typically, they have a small button on their battery, which you need to click repeatedly five times to turn on and another five to turn off. When the e-cigarette is activated you must hold down the button before you inhale.


Among those options are the e cigarettes , or electronic vape cigarettes, which research shows is an effective aid in making the switch to a healthier lifestyle. Additional options include nicotine gum, ecigs the patch, the lozenge, the nasal spray and the inhaler. Medicines such as bupropion, known by Zyban® or Wellbutrin®, and varenicline, or Chantix®, are also sometimes prescribed to help smokers quit.

On online survey led by Michael B. Siegel, M.D. examined the effectiveness of e cigarette in helping people quit smoking. Based on the responses of 222 people who smoked for six years or more, the results of the survey suggested that electronic cigarettes can help decrease nicotine dependence and in some cases, e cigarettes can help smokers completely kick the habit.

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what's going on guys this is Logan hereat Vaporleaf and I am here today with the atopack penguin from joyetechthis is a remarkably unique device that I'd rather just show you then tell youabout so let's just go straight into it and dive down and take a closer look atit all right here we are up close with the atopack penguin from joyetech if we go ahead and pull the Box open here we ofcourse get the penguin itself in the iconic penguin colors black and whiteand if we pull the foam out and then the trap door here we of course get amicroUSB cable for charging a couple of very interesting looking coils somelittle silicone seals I can show you guys what those are for later and then someuser manuals and that sort of nonsense now as for the device itselfof course very interesting looking thing very swoopy very ergonomic looknice build quality too on the front here or if you want to call it the frontwe've got the fire button the microUSB cable a little airflow hole and ourmouthpiece as well as some venting on the bottom side here and this littlebump here this little indentation and that's a clue as to what's so specialabout this device so if we push up on that a little bit you can pop the cartridgeout that's right so this is actually going to be a refillable cartridge withreplaceable coils of course you saw those coils earlier if you've ever usedlike a juul or any kind of cartridge device you're familiar with thecartridge style where you just buy a whole new cartridge it's already filledwith juice and it's got a coil in it and you just slot that guy in there and useit now this one you can put your own juice into and put your own coils intoso on the front here you can see it goes all the way up to eight point eightmilliliters an absolutely massive tank in there especially for the size of thisdevice the other cool thing is you've gotliquid info you can actually write down the brand flavor nicotine level and PGVG ratio of whatever juice you have in there so you can have multiple ones ofthese things and just toss them in and out as you go it's also quite helpful aswell as they list the cartridge material on here I don't know if that's for legalpurposes but either way it's nice to know that it's made of PETG and siliconwhatever PETG is I'm familiar silicon but itseems to be a pretty good material so far we haven't had many problems with italthough I will say with a higher powered coil we did get a little bit ofmelting over on this side that started caving in a little bit but that wasprobably user error it was my brother using it after all now if you look onthe bottom side here you see a little plug that looks remarkably like thebottom of these coils in fact that fits the bottom of these coils if we justpull that little guy out of there there's a little indentation you can seethat right up there to get your nail in and you can just slide that right outyou can keep it toss it whatever you want to do with it I imagine it could bepretty handy in the future if you ever want to store these things empty or evenwith some juice in them either way and then down inside of here we've got alittle bit of anatomy going on so of course our mouthpiece is up here ourairflow is going to be going through that far hole there we've got our juice fillhole right there which is of course where the coil gets its juice from aswell it might be a little bit hard to see but that's your wick up top there on thecoil and then we've got air coming in there so we've got our airflow hole rightup here it goes down here out of that airflow hole through the coil and thenup through the mouthpiece so all in all a really clever and straightforwarddesign if you look on the bottom of the coil here we've got a couple contactpoints as well as a little bit of information about it of course this guysays atopack jvic one it's a point 6 ohm MTL mouth to lung coil so you cansee just the diameter of this coil it's definitely on the smaller sideespecially in comparison to the 0.

25 ohm coil that's right so you can either havea mouth to lung coil that's going to be a lot like a Joyetech all in one if you've everused one of those guys more similar to a cigarettewhere these point two fives they're going to be pretty beastly they put outa lot of vapor and a lot of heat and really good flavor too and you can seethe 0.

25 there says DL direct lung now I've actually got my brother's penguinhere so if we pop the cartridge out we can see our coil in the bottom of thereagain we can use that little slot for our nail pop that guy open you can seeour coil all covered in juice so when you want to fill this thing youbasically just pop your coil out fill through that oval hole there watch onthe window as your juice goes up and then replace your coil and of coursereplacing your coil is very straightforward as well you just popyour coil out saturate it with some juice and just pop it right in verysimple stuff your hands do get a little bit juicy of course installingthe cartridge is super easy as well you just get it in the right orientationmake sure you're not an idiot like me there we go and just *boop* done that's itthat's all you need to do super simple right now this guy's on so you can seewe've got these five dots here that means it's fully charged and if you lookdown inside of this device here you can see a couple of those pins there I canonly assume that one of those is positive and one is negative and thenthis guy right over here which I believe is just to hold the tank in place whichit does a good job of as well of course it's going to be very standard onoperation it's going to be five clicks off the lights will flash a few timesand then the device will turn off and then it's going to be five clicks onagain flashes a few times and then you can use it and I almost forgot theselittle silicone seals so you might be able to figure out at this point thissilicone seal will go on the bottom of here if you just want to store your tankor keep it in your pocket or something you don't want to get juice everywhereand then this guy isn't actually a seal of course you can see you have a little holein there it's just a little cover for your mouthpiece just you know keeps itclean keeps it from being scratched it's a little softer on your teeth whateveryou want it for it's a pretty nice little inclusion there alright guys socurrently we are running the point 25 ohm coil in here at 250 watt- no I'm justkidding it's just 3.

7 volts but 0.

25 ohm coil let's go ahead and seehow it does again surprisingly well knowingthis device like you know it's non adjustable you've got a choice of twodifferent coils it runs a cartridge you wouldn't expect very much out of itbut that point two-five puts out I mean you get the flavor the heat the vaporproduction everything it's a really impressive coil that being said I havetried the point 6 ohm coil as well and again if you've ever tried a joyetechall-in-one these guys right here really really similar good vapor productionnice mouth to lung draw nothing too crazy a little bit more on the modestside less juice consumption as well now you may have noticed I blew through it alittle bit when I was going to vape on it and given the location of the airhole I got an eyeful of nicotine there so don't do that maybehold it like this instead man that is such a nice vape off of that even thoughthe airflow is fixed you might think like well what if I want to adjust it noit's perfect where it is like it's resistive you do have to kind of work toget air flow moving through there but it feels so right again just the rightamount of heat it's really smooth really good vapor density I'm actually reallyreally impressed with this thing I suppose one thing that I didn'tmention earlier is those five little dots on the front there that's yourbattery gauge so as your battery goes down you may figure 5 4 3 2 1 then youcharge as you're charging same thing 1 2 3 4 5 and then it'll turn off and thenit's fully charged it's really straightforward really simple filling itvaping on it replacing the coil everything is just so easy to do andit's a reasonable size too I mean it's about the size of a fat wallet you knowlike it will fit in your back pocket nicely and it's not like the tank isgoing to get broken or anything like that because you're sitting on it sothat's a nice design so for the sort of all-in-one style box mod it is on thelarger side yeah but it's comfortable it's still reasonably sized and theperformance is so worth it like I can't even compare this to another device thatwe've had except for the point six of course but with the point two-fivethere's not really anything else like it this device definitely gets top marksfor simplicity build quality looks performance did I already sayperformance well it does get top quality for performance man that is just areally well-rounded overall great performing device so let me know if youguys have any other questions about it go ahead and leave a comment if you wantto talk to me or or let me know if you have any questions about anything reallyeven just this device or whatever kind of problems you might be having anythinglike that and be sure to leave a like if you liked the video and go ahead andsubscribe for all the latest and greatest videos from Vaporleaf we'llsee you next time bye.

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The SX Mini G Class Full Review

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Hello Youtubes.

I'm back, and today I would like to address some of your concerns about the new Innokin iTaste MVP 3.

0 Pro.

So, about a month ago I bought myself the Aspire Atlantis 2.

0, which comes with a 0.

5 Ohm sub ohm coil, as well as a 0.

3 Ohm sub ohm coil.

In deciding whether or not to get the iTaste MVP 3.

0 Pro, I had to do a lot of research, and I couldn't really find the answers I was looking for.

And that is: Is a 60W mod sufficient to get good vapor production off of the 0.

3 Ohm coils? So I'm hoping to answer that question for you, right now.

I'm going to kick it off at 47.

5W, which is well below the 60W maximum output of this device.

I've got the 0.

3 Ohm coil in here of course, and it's vaping beautifully :) So let me kick it up to 50W, so you can see what you would be able to get out of a 50W mod.

It's a cloudy day.

So at 50W, obviously the vapor is starting to get slightly warmer than at 47.

5W, but it's still manageable.

And now, we're going to kick it up to 60W, so we're maxing out the device.

The vapor is still as smooth as a baby's bottom.

It's a little bit on the hot side, but it's not unpleasant.

it's actually quite a nice sensation.

And of course with the Atlantis 2.

0 you've got the airflow control on the drip tip.

So let me open that up all the way, and let's see what we can push out.

RIGHT? So to answer your question: Can I get good vapor production using the iTaste MVP 3.

0 Pro, with the 0.

3 Ohm coil in the Aspire Atlantis 2.

0? I would say, a resounding: Yes you can! PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE.


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