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If you want to quit smoking then check out Vapor E Cig in USA. E-cigarettes are safe to use and will greatly help you to slowly quit smoking. Some even look similar to other normal cigarettes. Other normal cigarettes contain tobacco which is produced by burning of cigarette and very dangerous for health. E-cigarettes do not use tobacco.

They generally contain vegetable glycerin or Propylene glycol, nicotine and different food flavors. It contains very small amount of nicotine which is not as dangerous for health as other normal cigarettes. It is especially beneficial for those who want to get away from this habit and want to live a healthy life for themselves and for their family.

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Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking knows how difficult that can be to achieve. Fortunately there are a number of options available today to help smokers either kick the habit or significantly cut down on tobacco use.

The e-cigarette that has an eGo battery and clearomizer included has become the standard for most intermediate vapers or even beginners, who are looking for something with more performance than a cigalike. Although, many experienced vapers still use them as a backup device, since they are more discreet and lightweight compared to a mod. For this reason, they are perfect for when go out to public places without having everyone looking at you in a odd way. Besides, they produce great flavoring and vapor compared to a cigalike.

Nearly all Vapor E Cig in USA models are manual, there are few that work automatically but they are rare. Typically, they have a small button on their battery, which you need to click repeatedly five times to turn on and another five to turn off. When the e-cigarette is activated you must hold down the button before you inhale.


Among those options are the e cigarettes , or electronic vape cigarettes, which research shows is an effective aid in making the switch to a healthier lifestyle. Additional options include nicotine gum, ecigs the patch, the lozenge, the nasal spray and the inhaler. Medicines such as bupropion, known by Zyban® or Wellbutrin®, and varenicline, or Chantix®, are also sometimes prescribed to help smokers quit.

On online survey led by Michael B. Siegel, M.D. examined the effectiveness of e cigarette in helping people quit smoking. Based on the responses of 222 people who smoked for six years or more, the results of the survey suggested that electronic cigarettes can help decrease nicotine dependence and in some cases, e cigarettes can help smokers completely kick the habit.

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Hey, guys.

It's Dave from MyFreedomSmokes here, and todayI'm going to talk to you about the Therion BF by Lost Vape.

You may be thinking this mod looks very familiar.

We have actually done a video on the LostVape Therion.

This is going to be the BF, or Bottom Feeder,and it's going to be essentially the same mod.

You get one battery now, instead of two.

They have replaced that battery with a squonker,it's commonly known as squonker, a bottom feed system on there.

What it is is you have your little squeezebottle here, and it actually feeds liquid into an RDA.

When your RDA gets dry, instead of havinga tank with a reservoir, or dripping your liquid, it's going to just like a regularRDA that actually squeezes up from the bottom.

Once you squeeze that, you kind of see theliquid going to get your cotton good and saturated.

It does run with a DNA 75 chip, which is DNA75, DNA 200, all the DNA chips are really great.

They all work essentially the same.

Really, kind of want to talk about the detailsof this device itself.

I'm going to have a vape real quick.

I'm doing a.

29 at 65 watts.

All right, in the box you get your TherionBF.

You also get their little Delirium RDA, whichis bottom-feed ready.

It has the hollowed-out pin, so when you squeezethe bottle it comes up through the 510 connection and actually goes into the juice well of theRDA itself.

I'm going to pull a different one out, thatone's all rigged up and coiled up.

Get you one of the fresh ones out here andshow you that RDA off a little bit.

All right.

Let's screw on the nice black colored one,here.


As you see, it's the common Velocity-styledeck.

Real wide build holes there on the post deck,so you can fit some Claptons or larger style coils in there.

You've got your under-the-coil airflow.

If you look in the center, there, you gotyour juice pin.

That's where the juice actually comes up throughthe 510 and then saturates the cotton.

It's got adjustable airflow at the bottom.

The way you do that is just when you turnit, it closes off the bottom or opens it.

It also has a side airflow, once you turnthe.

pop this open here.

and you have a nice, wide open slot.

Then you've got the 5 open holes on eitherside so as you turn it, it closes those holes off.

Comes pre-installed with a little 510 driptip adapter that's actually threaded in there.

Comes right out and then they give you a different,wide-bore, Chuff-style drip tip, which is what I'm currently using on this one.

All right.

With it being a squonker, anything that'sready for squonking.

something with a hollowed-out pin, something like the QuadFlex or the Tsunami24.

you can actually use those on this if you don't want to use that Delirium.

It's been a really good RDA for what it'sworth.

It's great airflow that squonks perfectly.

The juice goes in, the extra juice comes rightback out.

I'm going to show you how this opens here.

It's a little magnetic door.

It's magnetic at the top and has a frictionfit on the sides, so it locks in perfectly.

There's your bottle for your liquid.

It's 11 milliliter bottle, it's got a nicelittle hose connection there, kind of press fits into the bottom of your 510 connection.

Pop that out of there, and you pull this littletray out, and you've got your access to your 18650 battery.

It's a single battery, like I said.

The original Therion was dual batteries.

A little longer battery life on the original.

This one's going to be a little less, beingthat it's only one battery, but you do get the nice convenience of having it be a squonkerinstead of having to carry your liquid around to drip.

Get that battery back in there real quick.

There we go.

If you look on the inside, they actually havea little indicator to show that positive goes to the top, negative to the bottom.

The same thing on the little piece you popout, actually shows the orientation of how the bottle fits it, so you know that you havethis right side up.

Put it back in there, plug our juice backin.

All right.

Put the door back on.

All right.

Like I said, with this being a DNA deviceit's going to run essentially the same as any other DNA 75.

There are some other little features they'veadded in to this, which wasn't on the original Therion.

I don't think we covered in the original video.

The fire button, you can see actually I'vegot it lighting up a nice pretty Carolina blue color.

That's something you can actually programin eScribe when you on there.

There's a lot of different color options,you do a variance.

It's got the gradients.

You can actually have it go from an orangeto a purple, you can have it fade out to black as you're firing it and make it do differentcolors that we seen on other different box designs.

That's kind of a neat feature.

You can even turn that light off all together,if you want to.

That's just a little added touch, a littlebit more personality to it, personalization.

That, along with your normal eScribe settings.

You may want to change that background, makeit really cool.

Make it truly feel like yours.

You don't want to have something that justbasic screens.

You might put your favorite sports team orhave your name on there when you turn the device on.

It's really cool.

This has been a great device.

That nice 11 ml capacity bottle on there,it's always ready.

Give it a quick squeeze and it's good to go.

All right, we'll have another vape.

Battery door has got a nice leather lay-downon there.

It doesn't wrap all the way around, like theoriginal Therion, it does have the back section open.

Then you have real wood veneers on the otherside.

It comes in a variety of different colors.

You've got your red, your light brown, darkbrown, and then your black leather, so you have a couple different options.

All of them have the same dark wood color.

The variation is going to be on the leatheritself on the doors.

It is genuine leather, you can even smellit.

It smells like a brand new wallet or belt.

It's a lovely smell.

Really classy looking mod.

Overall, I'd give this a 9.

5 out of 10.

It's almost going to be a perfect 10.

I just really haven't found anything thatI'd give a perfect 10 to, is the only reason I'm not giving this a perfect 10.

If you're in the market for, want to try out,some squonking.

You want to try maybe a DNA 75 or just anall-around great looking little device, definitely check out the Therion BF by the Lost Vape.

If you have any questions about the device,you can leave them in the comments below.

This has been Dave with MyFreedomSmokes, andthank you for vaping.

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hey there welcome back to the channelit's Adam and vape lovely today I'm going to do a halo Triton starter kitreview for you by the halo company and all the links at the bottom of the videoin the Description box also on the very bottom of the video in that red littlearea there's a subscribe button if you can subscribe to my channel would begreatly appreciated you'll get updates on all my new videoscontest stuff like that so deftly subscribe to the channel and let's geton with this Halo review ok today is gonna be the highest halo Triton thehalo trading in my opinion is a great unit comes in a box like this it's aspring-loaded out of all the different boxes and carrying cases that you canget with e-cigarettes the Halos a tough little year right off the bat the box is amazing great embroideredhalo local it spring-loaded really nice opens up what it comes with an open upfor you and show you the whole setup you get two units comes with a halo Tritonstarter kit manual now unlike other manuals for me cigarette companies thisone's easy to read straight up English know it's just easier to read you'llenjoy it tells you everything you need to know about the halo Triton starterkit inside the box you have the wall charger which you can connect your USBto it comes with the USB charger that you can plug right into your computerand it comes with 2 halo Tritons one coming out of the box so here it is andthis is a great little you now you take it you unscrew it you have the Halobattery now these you want to charge out of the box they do work so you can takeit right out and started vaping but out for charging purposes you wanna chargesfor about one or two hours it's recommended by halo and they should lastquite awhile charge but the halo Triton is by far one of thebest electronic cigarette starter kits on the market today high-quality great box two units forabout $45 I believe it's just double check that real quick now they come in Jet Black which is thisone hello there they also come in iridescentyellow electric lime you can get it and green purple pink titanium it also comesat midnight blue red and mocha so again the links very at the right at thebottom of the video in the Description box you can take a look at it these sell for $65 a piece great greatdeal retail in the stores a unit anywhere near as quality is this goingto cost about 80 bucks so off the bat it's a great deal this is how you use ityou unscrew the halo Triton protective top off the tank you unscrewthe top the drip tip and then you put your favorite e-juice in there I'm gonnaput a little bit something in called berry blast and will put a little bitand their make sure the wicks get wet so make sure the wicks are getting nice andlet you'll see the wax therefore wax that come right off the top and that'sthat when you're done filling it you put your top back on it together like so the little button of the button here orfire it'll turn blue now you'll notice this but here you can hit the halo Triton five times12345 and it'll turn off that won't fire so if you gonna put it in your pocketit's safe and won't fire to turn my back on you simply hit five more times 12345turns back on now you'll know that the battery is about ready to be chargedwhen that battery starts blinking when that led light starts blinking rapidlyyou'll know that it needs to be charged but let's give it a vacancy what it'slike right out of the box with some images satisfying great throat hit I've got a16 milligrams of nicotine level in here so I'm getting my nicotine than I'm usedto I quit smoking so I need a little nicotine so me so that's that it'sphenomenal let me show you how to replace these cartridges that was reallygood that's the berry blast very nice I like it that Halo Triton starter kityou gotta get one trust me on this great gift to you send somebody a gift likethis that wants to stop smoking cigarettes you got a new best friend solet me show you how to replace the cartridge now the cartridge you want touse them for about two weeks you're going to notice a little burnt tastewhen that cartridge in their starts getting a little nasty when it starts toget worn out and do that is very simple he simply unscrew the top a little juiceout of there and all you need to do is you take the tip of this unscrew it you'll see the wake spinningaround and that comes right out like that ok you just throw it away and youget a new and you can order them from halo Triton two very simply and that said youcan just put it back together if you want no big deal ok but your top back on that when youreplace your wake but a back on your battery very nice quality unit solidunit very lightweight the ladies so great you for you cause I know a lot ofyou like the smaller units you can get a min late hot pink green fancy colorslike that whole bunch of colors for everybody's different you know you taste I love it so that's my halo Tritonstarter kit review I hope you enjoyed it the links at the very bottom of my videotakes you right to it you'll get the halo Triton for about $64.

99 delivered lightning-fast your door by the halocompany hope you enjoyed it subscribe to my channel please at the very bottom Ialso have my social channels Facebook all that stuff hit me up on there if youlove the video leave a comment hope you had a great day today happy newyear talk to you soon.


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